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Ed note

The expectation following any activity of the ASSOCIATION OF BIOMEDICAL ANALYSTS has always been high. Blame it on the professional attitude of its members, the drive of its President or the smooth running of all the activities that have been organised so far :( a seminar at Gold Crest, a Career Guidance Day at the University of Mauritius and numerous free lectures given by high calibre lecturers.)Yet, one dream remained unfulfilled : that of issuing a journal that was deem worthy of the Association’s aspirations .The quality of articles in the previous three editions were undoubtedly and as expected of high pedigree but we could only manage A-4 sized photocopied issues, amateurish mise-en-page, ill-defined illustrations and photographs… definitely not of the Association’s standard .Of that we were well aware and we were very much decided to amend things. We dreamed of an issue that would match those of International standards, one everybody would be proud of, one that would awake the scientific mind of readers urging them to write articles or indulge into scientific activity and titillate that eagerness to perpetually look forward and to learn , the eagerness that inhabits all those who work for Science.

If you are reading this note, you must have realised by now that we have achieved a great leap towards our goal. You deserved this journal and now you got it. It is totally free thanks to our sponsors without whom all this would have been again but a dream The President of our Association, Mr K.T Ramessur must be thanked for his relentless and unselfish efforts in this achievement.

Our aim on the Editor’s board is to bring local articles as much as possible in order to make this journal a source of reference of its kind. However it would be quite unfair to issue a journal which would appeal only to Scientific workers and this is why we have also introduced a series of articles that would definitely interest a wider range of readers helping them to understand more about science, diseases and what is being done throughout the World and in our country to that respect.

This journal is a vehicle of communication, of ideas, of topics and discussion and not only are we distributing it freely to schools, hospitals, laboratories, clinics but it is also on our Web site accessible to everyone on the globe having internet facilities.Feel free to send us your articles ( up to 3 printed A4 pages) and we will be delighted to publish them in our next issues.\

The next issue has been scheduled for the end of December….till then….

Harris Ramuth