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I would like to congratulate Dr Sanjiv Rughooputh on his successful defence of his PhD thesis in London on June 23rd 2003.


 His examiners were Geoffrey L. Ridgway MD, BSc., FRCP, FRCPath. Consultant Microbiologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at University College Hospital London and Dr David Perry, Senior lecturer at the University of Westminster.


Sanjiv has worked in my laboratory studying the interactions of sexually transmitted organisms, the production of antibodies by phage display technology and the molecular biology of Chlamydia trachomatis.  His thesis was entitled “ Role of sexually transmitted organisms in the pathogenesis of cervical cancer”.


Sanjiv is the first of our Mauritian students to be awarded his PhD. Currently we have 3 other Mauritian PhD students Bibi Rehana Jauhangeer, Hari Mathur and Kushen Ramessur following in Sanjiv’s footsteps. During his time with us, Sanjiv has always supported the other students working in the laboratory and has gained the respect of the teaching staff at the university. Sanjiv has worked hard, supporting himself through his PhD to achieve his goal.


I am sure I speak for all us when I say “Well done Sanjiv!”.



Dr Pamela Greenwell

Director of Studies

Molecular and Medical Microbiology Research Group

University of Westminster

London W1 W 6UW