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1.Fund Raising Activities:




In order to realise its activities ABA will require funds. These two activities have been selected to generate part of the fund required.


2. Short course by University of Wesminster:


ABA is still negotiating to realise this activity. A lecturer from the University of Westminster is being invited to give a lecture on a Biomedical theme. The topic chosen this year is Medical Mycology. Participation Fee will be around Rs 3500 if 30 participants are registered. The short course will be IVTB approved and a certificate from the University of Westminster.




Due to lack of fund ABA has not been able to publish the ABA journal as usual.

This year we will again try our best to produce this item, which is an excellent means of communication between members of the Health Sector.


4.International Conference:


The last conference organised by ABA was in 2001 where delegates from various local and foreign institutions participated. This year ABA wishes to organise its international conference on Biomedical Sciences and the topic chosen this year is Reorganisation of the laboratory services in Mauritius in order to face the increasing

Challenges of Diabetes, Cancer and AIDS. We will be calling for papers and posters very shortly.


5.Continous Professional Development (CPD) and Continuous Medical Education ( CME) Scheme


Our Research and Development Officer, Mr Sanjiv Rughooputh will publish a series of articles and lectures on our Websites. Professionals in the Health Care System can send their views and articles to Mr Sanjiv Rughooputh by e-mail at . Articles and communications are welcome!


More details are available on our website

or email either the association at : or the secretary at: