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Association of Biomedical Analysts of Mauritius (ABA)

Raising Standards for quality service

A Scientific mind with a purpose

Mission Statement

Association of Biomedical Analysts® (ABA) endeavours to promote Biomedical Science and provide a professional service to its members and the community at large.

The membership is open to any Professional in Biomedical Science irrespective of grade and job title

AIMS and Objectives

Our principal aim is to provide a professional image for our members and the Biomedical community in Mauritius.
We believe in providing a high standard of service all the time. To achieve this aim continuous training and up to date knowledge is required.
We therefore encourage Continuous Professional Development, through further education, seminars, conferences, writing scientific papers and articles, Journal based learning, Case studies.

This website is a vehicle to keep up to date with the Association's activities, while also allowing easy access to interesting and useful sites

This homepage has been hosted to promote Biomedical sciences in Mauritius.

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Association of Biomedical Analysts (ABA)
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More about the Association and becoming a Biomedical analyst

If you want to have more information on the MLT course. Syllabus for the Medical Laboratory Technology Course

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Web Editor for the Association of Biomedical Analysts of Mauritius (ABA).

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Activities For 2000

Quality Assurance Seminar 2000

Activities organised in 1999

What's New ?

The Association of Biomedical Analysts ( ABA) organised a health and safety week between 24th to 28th of July 2000.
3 talks were organised .
One on health and safety by a specialist in occupational medecine and a health and safety manager at Belle Vue Sugar Estate . Second was by the fire Brigade and third one was for all lab attendants by Dr Pyndiah .

Recent developments and press release May 2000

The Association was priviledged to welcome Dr Martin Parry of The University of Westminster (UK). Dr Martin Parry Visited Mauritius in May 2000 on an invitation from The Association. Dr Martin Parry, is a Senior Lecturer in Microbiology and also Course Director for MSc Biomedical Sciences. The University of Westminster is prepared to offer a tailor made course for Mauritian Biomedical Analysts. This will help to increase their expertise in fields like Molecular Biology, Biomedical Sciences and Health related areas.

This is in line with the government policy to encourage development in the public sector.
If a joint venture is successful, we would be able to update our Biomedical analysts and therefore provide a better service to the community.

We are glad to announce that the University of Westminster has prepared


that might be useful to upgrade the qualification of our Analysts. For more information, please click on the Link provided.

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The Association of Biomedical Analysts (ABA)Reg No:4511 is a registered organisation with the Registrar of Association of Mauritius. If you have any query, please feel free to contact our secretary, or fill in the query box and we will be glad to send you the required information.

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Sanjiv Rughooputh
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Last modified on 15th August 2000.

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