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Post-graduate certificate in Molecular Biology in Medicine*


Distance learning


This is a course designed as a stand-alone qualification in Molecular Medicine. This post-graduate course should be attractive to students wishing to increase their academic skills in molecular biology. Each module can be taken as an individual unit and credits may be transferred if the student continues onto a Masters programme.

The course will provide the students with the necessary skills to understand the role of molecular biology in both routine and research laboratories. The course aims to provide a professional qualification that is recognised worldwide.

Key features

Course structure

The distance learning approach allows students to study at their own pace. UK based tutors will be assigned to provide feedback.

Course content

The course consists of two 15 credit and one 7.5 credit module. A student who passes all 3 modules will be awarded the post-graduate certificate.

Gene manipulation explores the isolation, digestion, cloning and manipulation of DNA and RNA. Vector technology and the transformation of host cells and production of recombinant proteins are also discussed.

Molecular diagnostics investigates the tools available for analysis of disease at the molecular level. This will include the uses of bioinformatics. The ethical problems associated with new technologies are reviewed.

Molecular therapeutics allows the student to determine the role of molecular biology in, the production of therapeutic proteins including vaccines and antibodies, animal cloning, transgenic technology, gene therapy and anti-sense therapy. Ethical issues are also explored.

Learning and assessment

Each module will comprise both coursework and examination. The assessment is to ensure that the students have reached the required standard.

Entry requirements

Applicants will be required to have a degree or equivalent in a biological science. They should also be able to demonstrate an adequate standard in written and spoken English

How to apply

Further details may be obtained from:

Mr. K.T Ramessur Tel: 425 3031 Ext. 382

Mr. R. Ramnatsingh Tel: 424 0644

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