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Death can also be described as being a thief and this very thief has stolen a precious collegue of ours so suddenly that one and all of us can never stop talking and thinking about that stolen object which was Mr Chinan.

Mr Chinan was really known as a good and sincere person at work, as well as at home, among his surroundings and family also. He was a member of our union (Lab Attendant), member at the cooperative society and also a member at his kovil. He always acted as a good-tempered chap. He was loyal and jovial; whether the problem forwarding the union could be solved or not he took it smoothly.

Punctual at his work, Mr Chinan was seen early in the hospital compound carrying a black "sacoche". He used to greet his acquaintances a sweet "bonjour" and exchanged a few words. But it was on Sunday 19th of March 2000 that everything came to its end. The bad news of his death was gradually extended from one to another and nobody could believe it.

It was on Monday 20th of March that we went to pay a last visit to Mr Chinan's house and we could see him lying on his bed surrounded by beautiful flowers. He was watching us silently, none of us could hide our emotion and tears shed from our eyes. But that Mr Chinan appeared very innocent and if he could talk he would only say "My friends don't worry (pas casse la tełte), I'm not dead, I'm just tired of everything so let me rest now". It was already 1 30 p.m and Mr Chinan was being carried in his new hand-made house of bambous and soon transferred to his resting place.

However, we must agree that tomorrow can be our turn.

Mrs Doobree A


Our colleague Dharamdeo Saddul left us for heavenly abode on 12th February 2000 after a long illness. All those who have known him will have the souvenir of a very kind hearted and soft spoken person. He had excelled in the art at malaria microscopy and was always ready to help other collegue whenever his help was sollicited. He was always courageous and his long stay in a hospital bed never undermined his morale. He tiptoed out of this world respected by collegues, friends and supervisors. To the bereaved family we can only offer solace.

Staff Malaria Section