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Association of Biomedical Analysts of Mauritius (ABA)

Raising Standards for quality service

A Scientific mind with a purpose



I welcome the opportunity offered to me to address a few words to the
members of the Association of Biomedical Analysts.
I wish to thank all the members of the Association for this laudable initiative to publish a medical newsletter every 3 months .
In fact, one of the priorities of the government is to upgrade the standard of our professionals in the health sector with a view to enhancing the health care delivery service . with a turnover of around 2.4 million out-patients in hospitals and around 2.5 million at peripheral level , such a task is certainly not an easy one and necessitates a full and dedicated commitment from all staff of the ministry of ranging from policy makers to medical , nursing ,
paramedical and supporting staff.

In the health network in the republic of Mauritius , the Pathological
Laboratory has always played a key role in the delivery of clinical services not only to the public but also to the private sector . The laboratory provides both routine and emergency services .
The ever evolving world of science and technology requires that we should continue to enhance the existing services in order to meet the challenges of emerging diseases and new life trends . New techniques and new tests should be integrated within the exiting services to met the demand of the public . Accordingly , continuous training of the laboratory staff is a sine qua non condition in maintaining high standards at the level of the laboratory .
The newsletter has come at the right time . It will provide a good source of up to date information in the expanding field of laboratory services to both the medical and paramedical staff as well as to the general public in general . I am confident that the laboratory technicians , medical officers , pathologists and other health professionals will find this newsletter useful.

A.K. Jugnauth
Minister of Health and Quality of Life



Message from Dr Mrs Jeebun , Consultant ( Pathology )

The Pathology and Laboratory services are most vital to any health care
system . The Central Health Laboratory being the main diagnostic lab of the Ministry of Health and Quality of life has an expansive set up comprising of different sub disciplines of Pathology , Viz Histopathology , Cytology , Haematology , Biochemistry , Virology , Microbiology , Parasitology and Blood transfusion Service .

From the statistics of the year 1999, it is evident that the laboratory has been highly productive performing some 4.5 million tests !!

The Blood Transfusion Service issues blood and is also involved in preparation of blood components which are used in the treatment of various illness . Therefore , the laboratory helps not only in diagnosis but also in therapy .

Quality is also assured at each step , as Good Laboratory Practices enhance the provision of Quality of health care delivery.We need to get our laboratory prepared for accreditation under the ISO Guide 17025 which is a formal recognition of technical competence and Quality Management .

All this requires a complete reorganisation of laboratory services , a proper infrastructure , properly trained staff and a dedicated budget.

A BSc course to replace the present diploma course for medical laboratory technicians is strongly recommended as this would improve and upgrade the quality and standard of work performed by the technical staff.

The Association of Biomedical Analysts has always shown a keen interest to learn more and more. I fully support it's every endeavour , and I am confident that the government will be strongly committed as well .
I would like to congratulate all the members of the Association for their dedication to improve the laboratory services .

I sincerely hope our laboratory will become a reference laboratory in the region and be at par with other international diagnostic centres !!
The launching of the new version of the Association of Biomedical Analysts, ABA JOURNAL coincides very well with the end of the year festivities .

Dr(Mrs) Nilima JEEBUN.
Consultant (Pathology)