ABA Official Newsletter

Issue September 2000

A Scientific mind with a purpose

Editing Team :
Mr H Ramuth......Editor in Chief
Mrs V Ramuth
Miss R Jauhangeer

Mr K Ramessur .

It is a great pleasure to include this Electronic version of ABA Newsletter for September 2000.
We Hope that these article would be interesting and useful to our readers.
During the past few months we had a lot of activities organised at National level, we also had the pleasure of having the company of Dr Martin Parry Senior Lecturer in Clinical Microbiology at the University of Westminster.
For those interested in Further educuation, there is now the possibility to study by Distance learning ..... for an MSc !!! ( Up and running) Please Click on the links and you will be able to read the articles displayed:


Shyam Manraj, A man with a vision
Lecture by Dr Martin Parry, Recent advances in Medical Microbiology
Seminar on Quality assurance
The Role of the Histopathology Department at Central Health Laboratory, Candos
The emergence of Foodborne Pathogens
Handling of Biohazardous specimen
New Frontiers,New Conquests.Education by distance learning

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