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Some important events in the ABA calendar

December 2003 update

Some good news on the ABA front:
This year ABA- Westminster University MSc Fee discount scholarship were awarded to Ms Purnima Ramnarain and Priscilla Booth. The scheme will run for another 2 years. Please send your application forms ASAP.
Rehana Jauhangeer Has been awarded a UNESCO- Loreal Scholarship to study " The role of Anaerobes in diabetic foot ulcers". She is currently working under the supervision of Dr Pamela Greenwell.
Dr Sanjiv Rughooputh was awarded a prize by the IBMS on his presentation " Detection of HPV in archival samples from cervical cancer pateints in Mauritius". This is a joint collaboration between the University of Westminster and The Central Health Laboratory Candos Mauritius. The principal investigators are Dr Shyam Manraj, Mr Rechad Eddoo, Dr Nilima Jeebun, Dr Pamela Greenwell and Dr Sanjiv Rughooputh.
Mr Kushen Ramessur has started his PhD with Dr Pamela Greenwell and Dr Myriam Dwek to study breast cancer.
Mr Hari Mathur has completed his MPhil transfer report and is now inthe final year of his PhD.

January 2003 update

The executive members have decided on a series of Activities for 2003. Please click on the link for more details.

December 2002 update

Year 2002 has been a very fulfilling year for both the members and the organisation in general.
We have seen the successful launch of the BSc ( Hons) at the University of Mauritius
New Members have joined the MSc Programme at the University of Westminster. Two Laboratory Staff from CHL have been awarded the ABA-Westminster Scholarship for MSc in Biomedical Science. This Award is a 20% fee waiver. Mr K Ramessur ( ex Chairman ABA ) and Mr N Dowlut ( Ex president MLTA) are the two beneficiaries of the ABA scholarships initiative.
Also the Research Group lead by Dr Pamela Greenwell has seen new ABA members adhesion. The research team from the ABA side consist of Sanjiv Rughooputh, Hari Mathur and Rehana Jauhangeer. The Research group has about 20 active researchers including the 3 ABA members.

March 2002 update

We would also like to advise people interested to follow MSc Courses at the University of Westminster, that there is a Distance learning mode that is available. You can get more details from ABA or you can contact the course leader Dr Pamela Greenwell directly at
If you contact through the ABA you may be entitled to a discount!!.

July 2001 update

The ABA conference organised on the 7th of July 2001 with theme " Pathology in Mauritius beyond 2001" has been a real success. We have included some Press clippings on our website. Please Click on the link provided for details


The association hosted a series of short courses in the month of October 2003. Please click on the link provided for more info. Short courses in Molecular Biology and Mycology The lecture notes will be available on-line shortly.
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