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Association of Biomedical Analysts

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Raising Standards for quality service
A Scientific mind with a purpose

Mission Statement

Association of Biomedical Analysts® (ABA) endeavours to promote Biomedical Science and provide a professional service to its members and the community at large. The membership is open to any Professional in Biomedical Science irrespective of grade and job title.


AIMS and Objectives

Our principal aim is to provide a professional image for our members and the Biomedical community in Mauritius.
We believe in providing a high standard of service all the time. To achieve this aim continuous training and up to date knowledge is required.
We therefore encourage Continuous Professional Development, through further education, seminars, conferences, writing scientific papers and articles, Journal based learning, Case studies.


ABA is  the Brain Child of Dr Sanjiv Rughooputh.

 ABA was Founded in 1994 by 12 dedicated Scientists from the Central Health Laboratory Candos.

ABA  is the first Mauritian organisation that has invested heavily in Research and Development. We collaborate with Scientists worldwide.

Dr Sanjiv Rughooputh
Chairman and Founder of ABA.

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Association of Biomedical Analysts
Central Health Laboratory
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